4 Story

4 Story

Free MMORPG for dedicated RPG fans


  • Free
  • Extensive world to explore
  • Attractive environment


  • Not very original
  • Takes a while to get the hang of it
  • Not very highly populated

Not bad

4Story is a free clone of World of Warcraft, but unfortunately it doesn't match the original game in terms of quality or playability.

The game works like any other traditional MMORPG. You start off by signing up for an account and creating a character with customizable features. Then you enter the game and after a short tutorial you can start accepting quests from in-game characters. If you complete them successfully, you'll be given rewards in the form of experience, money and new weapons.

4Story features quite an extensive world and total freedom of movement. You can explore all villages and wild areas in the 4Story universe and pick and choose tasks as you progress through the game. Also, the world's design is quite attractive, but you can't help make unfavorable comparisons to other MMORPGs.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few issues regarding this game. 4Story is a bit difficult to get the hang of. Even for somebody who has played World of Warcraft, it can take a while to figure out what to do in your very first quest. The fact you start with no money or weapons at all is a bit disappointing. Also, there weren't many people playing the game while we were online, which makes it less fun.

4Story is fine for free MMORPG, but it's clearly at a lower standard than other similar games.

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